Amica Agile


Amica goes mobile!

Equipped with castors, this table system masters every agile challenge.
You don't have to sacrifice ergonomics for agile working.
A powerful battery unit provides cordless power and individual height adjustment.
The folding beam turns Amica Agile into a space-saving and functional piece of furniture.



Amica - Round column


A well-rounded affair

The new round column provides a new design option in the Amica program.
Matching this is the RXL leg base. Here, too, it is child´s play to cluster frames with the familiar Connexion connecting clamps.





Friend and Protector

A true friend is one of the most valuable things in life. He supports and drives you. AMICA is the start of such a friendship, who will stimulate high productivity and creativity in the office. It will fill your working life with exemplary comfort, safety and dynamic.





Friend and Time-Saver

AMICA's innovative and virtually tool-free assembly makes set-up a breeze.





Friend and Wish-Fulfiller

Fancy a change? No problem! AMICA is versatile. With a few simple steps, wishes can be fulfilled and new styling created at a later date.





Friend and Drive-Provider

With AMICA, ergonomic sit-stand work becomes an everyday routine. Long waiting times when changing positions have been eliminated. The heart and control centre of AMICA is its powerful and highly efficient control system, integrated into the lifting column. The system is complemented by its exemplary security system, which reacts before you even recognize a possible hazard.





Find your own Styling!

Friendship fulfils wishes and creates space for creative cooperation. AMICA offers the ideal platform for this. Decide for yourself which style you prefer.


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AMICA Highlights

The start of a real friendship – for sure!

AMICA offers optimal safety and allows you to focus 100% on the essentials: your work! No matter where you work - in the office or at home. At Performance Level C, AMICA is alert every second and protecting with an additional safety net. In addition, AMICA opens new possibilities with regard to digital networking towards Office 4.0.


AMICA Technical Data


With an adjustment speed of up to 70mm/s and a load of up to 40 kg Amica reaches very good noise levels lower than 39 db(A) in average.

Amica standard colours


Amica RAL9006 - Plastic parts grey


Amica RAL9006 - Plastic parts black


Amica RAL9011 smooth matt - Plastic parts grey


Amica RAL9011 smooth matt - Plastic parts black


Amica RAL9016 - Plastic parts grey


Amica RAL9016 - Plastic parts black


Amica can be ideally integrated into any environment - be it at home or in the office.

AMICA Accessories

Adapted to your needs, AMICA opens up a wide range of possibilities with clever accessories that can be easily combined.

AMICA is available as a single workstation as well as a bench solution and can be easily combined with the high-quality MIRA acoustic program and other accessories.

Want to change? No problem at all! With a few simple steps, you can also fulfill your wishes at a later date and create a new styling then.
For example, with the help of the H-sidebase a bench can be built up from 2 individual table frames!
Cable Management: In order to install the electrical components, all you have to do is to plug the three beam-guided cables into their respective sockets. Clever: the black cover comes with the assembly instructions on it.

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