At home in the Black Forest


Work, where you could otherwise go on vacation

We live and work in a beautiful nature reserve, its protection is of great importance to us



Made in Germany


Supply globally, manufacture locally

We have been developing and manufacturing in Zwerenberg for over 70 years



Certified Quality


Veyhl maintains the highest standards since 2004

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 standards testify to our high quality and comprehensive environmental and energy awareness at Veyhl


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Sustainability: Made in Germany

Supply globally, manufacture locally: Our responsibility towards our local environment is of great value in a global world

Since 70 years Veyhl develops and produces, on a place where other people would go on holidays: In Zwerenberg in the Black Forest. From the very beginning, Veyhl, as one of the largest employers in the district, has also borne responsibility for its environment, employees and partners. 

We do not see ecology and economy as opposites, but as two crucial elements of the whole. As a leader of innovation and technology, our goal is to design and maintain a desirable living environment - for nature, people and animals.

Due to our high vertical manufacture range, we are directly able to ensure the quality of our products and guarantee good working conditions. Suppliers must support these standards accordingly. We focus in particular on supplier relationships in the local environment. 90% of our suppliers come from Germany, 97% from Europe. 


Certifications ensure the highest standards since 2004

Our corporate culture is based on fundamental quality, environmental and energy objectives initiated by top management. Through systematically planned processes, we aim to ensure that negative environmental impacts are avoided and the best possible quality is achieved for our customers, at all times. The aim is to consistently develop the effectiveness and efficiency of our products and processes and to comprehensively safeguard the requirements of sustainable production. Interdisciplinary teams continuously drive this process forward and promote awareness among the work force. 

Quality Guideline

  • Based on a fundamental service concept, maximum customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • The zero-defect principle as well as the lean and kaizen philosophy form the guiding principles of our daily work
  • We regard each other as customers and partners internally
  • We use errors and weak points as opportunities for improvement

Environment Guideline

  • Careful handling of materials, consumables and supplies
  • High quality and product durability in conjunction with recyclable-friendly design
  • Preventive environmental protection, e.g. by planning and evaluating the environmental impact of individual and overall processes and monitoring all process parameters relevant to the environment

Energy Guideline

  • Continuous reduction of our energy consumption, while providing all necessary resources for this purpose
  • Where possible, use of alternative/renewable energies
  • Systematic monitoring and improvement of products, processes and other activities that affect energy consumption
  • Informing and training the workforce on personal energy-saving potentials


We are looking for partners who share our values

Our market success and quality of our products are closely linked to the performance of our partners. Thereby we favor long-term co-operations within Europe.

Conditions of Purchase

97% of our products can be recycled


97% of our products can be recycled

Starting with materials acquisition through to delivery, we ensure that we use our raw materials in a way that conserves resources. This is also a focus in development: The high quality and durability of our products as well as a recyclable-friendly design for individual disassembly at the end of the product life cycle are among our goals. Through environmental product profiles, we create the necessary transparency with respect to composition, origin and recyclability of materials used.

Sustainable Production


Sustainable Production

With our active hazardous substances register, we guarantee 100% CMR (cancerogenic mutagen reprotoxic) free production. This ensures that no hazardous substances are exposed to people or released in the environment. Back in 2013, we changed our electroplating process from chrome 6 to the more environmentally friendly chrome 3. We also have our own closed water circuit. Our water treatment plant is checked daily to prevent possible pollutants from being released to the local sewage treatment plants or into groundwater. We pay attention to the environmental compatibility of the materials and technologies we use as part of our environmental goals. Energy efficiency and environmental protection are among the essential criteria, especially with respect to investments. We want to prevent and reduce emissions to a minimum. Our air filter system filters emissions in the welding and grinding area and returns it to the air cycle.

Promotion of materials recycling


Promotion of materials recycling

Comprehensive recycling management ensures that our materials are correctly separated in the disposal process, thereby focusing on the recyclability of resources used. 100% of our metal scrap is returned to the raw materials cycle by melting it down. Our key goal however starts earlier: We want to avoid waste in the first place, by continuously minimizing it. Since 2019 for example, we have reduced our paper consumption by over 30 percent.

Assuming Social Responsibility


Assuming Social Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility towards the cultural and educational environment in which we operate and are committed to help shaping it. That is why we cultivate the cooperation and support of various regional institutions. Since 2018, we have been a cooperation partner of the Neubulach Comprehensive School and invest passionately in the topics of vocational training and career orientation. This also includes membership in the ‘Career Choice Metal’ project at ‘BBQ Education and Career Qualification gGmbH’, offering company tours for school classes, workshops and ‘Girls Day’ participation, while also offering various internships as well as technician and Bachelor theses support. We are also partner of the Dual University in Stuttgart at the Horb site, for over 30 years now. Since 2016, we have also been supporting the Calw district as a sponsor in the expansion of local further education opportunities as well as promoting the degree program in innovation management at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Nagold.

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