MIRA 55 - Premium acoustic privacy screen


Mira 55 is your new acoustically effective premium privacy screen.
With a thickness of 55 mm, Mira is even more powerful and categorised in absorber class B.
As a screen, board or organiser, it ensures a pleasant room climate and is available with or without accent strips.


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MIRA 55 Highlights

Your protector

People instinctively retreat outdoors when they long for rest and relaxation. Although not in a noise-free setting there, relaxation is possible. Veyhl acoustic products adapt this calming environmental principle and create an acoustic garden in enclosed spaces with a very high level of working comfort using different room systems.


MIRA 55: Technical Data

On the one hand, Veyhl acoustic products have an acoustic fiberboard that combines complex properties of open-pored, porous absorbers and board absorbers. On the other hand, they have a sandwich filling, consisting of different sound-absorbing and insulating materials

Acoustic Values and Colour Selection

Acoustics with diversity

MIRA 55 Accessories


The various Mira screens can be complemented individually with various organizational elements such as a pencil box, an A4 tray or a magnetic board.


Our numerous connections allows the linking of several elements in T-, cross, 90°- or a linear connection in order to separate larger spaces according to the specific requirements.

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