V28 - Acoustic room concept


The V28 room system transforms open office structures with inadequate acoustics into a feel-good work zone. Use V28 to remedy loud background noise and promote concentration at the workplace.



V28 - Variants


The V28 wall system can be used as a board, organizer or screen and achieves excellent acoustic protection. V28 has been tested in the laboratory in line with DIN EN ISO 354:20003 and DIN EN ISO 11654:1997 guidelines.



V56 - Acoustic room concept


With the class A planar absorber, the space system V56 stands for a robust screen system with the same flexible linking possibilities as V28, with optimum acoustic performances and a screen thickness of 56mm. Easily adaptable to individual requirements, spaces can be structured in a flexible way and with clearly improved acoustic results.


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V28 / V56 Highlights

People instinctively retreat outdoors when they long for rest and relaxation. Although not in a noise-free setting there, relaxation is possible. Veyhl acoustic products adapt this calming environmental principle and create an acoustic garden in enclosed spaces with a very high level of working comfort using different room systems.

V28 / V56 Technical Data

On the one hand, Veyhl acoustic products have an acoustic fiberboard that combines complex properties of open-pored, porous absorbers and board absorbers. On the other hand, they have a sandwich filling, consisting of different sound-absorbing and insulating materials.

Acoustic values and colors

Acoustic with diversity


The elegant screen system V28 acts as privacy screen and acoustic shielding. Different models open up numerous application possibilities. With V28, you can find a remedy for loud background noise and facilitate concentration in the workplace – both for the individual and at group meetings.

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V28 Accessories

The numerous optional accessories available, such as adjustable feet, linking elements, mounting brackets and organizational elements round off the V28 wall system portfolio and enable optimal use.

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