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Matthias Schmid

Trainer: Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering (m/f/d)

The DHBW students find a bundle of positivity and energy in their instructor Matthias Schmid. In 1998, he became the third DHBW student at Veyhl, after Managing Director Gerhard Wahl, to complete his own mechanical engineering studies and knows what is important. At the same time, he is not only a technician but also an export project manager who knows the customer's perspective, which is just as important - internationally. This combination is promising and ideal for the mechanical engineers of tomorrow.
When does his enthusiasm rise? When he is motivated to work out a solution or in alpine terrain.


Marc Bihler

Trainer: Commercial Professions / Bachelor of Arts - Industry (m/f/d)

As a trainer of ‘industrial clerk’ and ‘Bachelor of Arts – Industry’ professions, he is regarded as a disciplined and performance-oriented companion in the training team. There is a reason for this: Marc Bihler himself started with an apprenticeship at Veyhl. Today he is an authorized signatory and heads the purchasing team. Perfect prerequisites, therefore, to show our junior staff a good career start with perspectives. And this requires a certain consistency. But don't worry: There's room for laughter. 
What excites him? Success in negotiations and ice cream for dessert.

Klaus Schmid

Trainer: Tool Mechanic, Construction Mechanic, Plant and Machine Operator (m/f/d)

Anyone who has a question will receive an answer from him: Klaus Schmid is our master tinkerer with a wealth of experience. He himself started at Veyhl with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker. Developing what does not yet exist is his strength and he passes his knowledge on with goodwill. He trains the industrial professions of tool mechanics, construction mechanics and machine and plant operators, in our own training center. One floor down, he is in charge of tool and jig construction. In this way, he ideally harmonizes theory and practice and continuously prepares our young talents for their future professional life.
What inspires him? Good ideas and time with his family.


Horst Schober

Trainer: Technical Product Designer (m/f/d)

A sharp mind and the ability to think laterally always took him further. Horst Schober has been a loyal companion of Veyhl for more than 30 years and was instrumental in setting up the CAD system in the development department. His career has taken him through many stations within the company, which is why he is at home in innovation management but never loses sight of the big picture. Ideal for all those who want to learn to develop themselves or something.
What excites him? When the young overtake the old – however only professionally and not in cycling or table tennis.


Thomas Renz

Trainer: Commercial Professions / Bachelor of Arts – Industry (m/f/d)

Listening, encouraging and coaching are his strengths: Thomas Renz has been accompanying ‘industrial clerk’ trainees since 2008. As the company's bullying and anti-discrimination officer, he has good empathy. He has been part of the Veyhl team for more than 30 years and passed through various stations. At the end of the 80s, he helped set up the EDP department at Veyhl and still heads it today - a (digital) knowledge animal from whom the trainees can learn.
What make him enthusiastic? His many sheep at home (family and farming) and admiring his trainees develop from teenagers to young adults.

Tobias Frey

Trainer: Electronics Technician for Operating Technology (m/f/d)

One thing is certain: His area is always under power and with him things are moving forward. In 2010, he began his training as an electronics technician in industrial engineering. Now he succeeds his own trainer in age and heads the maintenance department. Tobias Frey is another young talent from the company's own training forge who made the most of his prospects, passed the master craftsman's exam and has been stepping on the gas ever since. He can still remember the challenges of his apprenticeship, all too well. Perfect, then, to accompany the next generation of electronics engineers through their training, at full throttle.
What arouses his enthusiasm? Seeing the leaps and bounds in a trainees' development from the job interview onward. At home, it's his drum kit.


Bernhard Walz

Trainer: Electronic Technician Devices and Systems (m/f/d)

He works with very small components that have big meaning. Since 2019, Bernhard Walz has been training as an electronics technician for devices and systems at Veyhl, which is still a young profession. It is an area with increasing importance and complex challenges. The search for answers also makes him forget time sometimes, since there is one thing he cannot stand: unsolved problems. This curiosity drives him and takes his trainees on an exciting and educational journey.
What motivates his enthusiasm? When complexity becomes simple and when his own brewery is up and running at home.


Sonja Schaible

Human Resources Department

She is the fairy godmother and face of our HR department. She accompanies our trainees once they have started their careers. With a lot of heart she takes care of the concerns of our trainees and drives the development process in the trainer team. The organization and communication with vocational schools lies also in her hands. Sonja Schaible is another example of successful Veyhl training: She started as an industrial clerk. Several further training courses followed.
What is she enthusiastic about? We can only say this much: DOGS.


Christine Sieber

Human Resources Department

Christine Sieber friendly opens the door to training and oversees the applicant selection process in our HR department. If you have any questions about your application or interview, she will be happy to help. She herself successfully completed her training as an industrial clerk at Veyhl and knows about possible uncertainties regarding career issues and finding one's own path.
What is she enthusiastic about? Four-legged friends, have a certain popularity in the personnel sector, as already mentioned.

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