optimal logistics, a minimum of stock-keeping and reduced assembly time

Further development of our successful sit – stand products with an excellent price-performance ratio

The requirements for office workstations are nowadays more manifold than ever. Administrative tasks, phases of concentration and creativity as well as team project work are popular and frequently changing applications. Differentiated jobs require manifold solutions. This is where limit becomes interesting.

This modular desk system is a further development of our successful sit-stand products with motor height adjustment and has an excellent price-performance ratio. The sliding top supports offer a comfortable cable management and allow an easy electrification with an integrated cable guide within the beam. Limit is available with a column cross section of 90 x 60 mm as upside down model (big column cross section on top).

A minimum of assembly time with a maximum of flexibility
The construction of limit is based on a platform with fold-out side bases (columns and leg bases). Control panels, control systems and motors are already assembled at our premises and connected within the beam. Further advantages are given by an optimized transport and warehouse logistics. Up to 10 desk frames can be stacked on one pallet and shipped.