agile one - can do it all!


In times requiring agile working it is a real challenge to create the most efficient working environment for the most varying tasks and persons. With agile, we developed a multifunctional workstation offering enlarging the boundaries of the given office space ensuring the necessary flexibility, openness and adaptability to ever changing requirements of the new work Generation.

Agile one is a mobile, tiltable and height adjustable desk solution that does not need any electrical connection. The height of the table can be regulated by means of an easy-to-use gas spring technology. This makes it possible to work standing up without the need for nearby power outlets. Agile one can be implemented in the most diverse situations and spaces. For this reason it is the perfect companion for spontaneous meetings, presentations or team work sessions. Change your posture throughout the day, it helps you to stay focused and in good shape.

The system follows the trend of flexible and simple office use in the new work world.