Planar absorber of the top class – experience the screen system V56

With a screen thickness of 56 mm V56 is not only an optical highlight but also convinces with very good acoustical features.

The trend is no longer individual or double workstations but open plan offices. This results in an increased noise level and decreased concentration. A lack of sound absorbers reduces the capability of listening and disrupts efficient work and well-being at the workplace in these kinds of space structures. A study of the Fraunhofer Institute proves: Job satisfaction and motivation is lowest in open plan offices. The screen system V56, being a planar absorber class A, is designed to improve noticeably the acoustics in open spaces. V56 is not only suitable as partition panel at the workplace but is also most suitable for conference rooms, telephone booths or to separate complete workstations.

With its timeless design and high-quality materials this screen system is a long-lasting solution for the office area. The V56 screens are not only easily and quickly assembled but a later reorganisation is possible without any problems. The Veyhl special joining technique allows the tool-free assembly of the screen system V56.  

Attention to detail
A 5 mm aluminium edge succeeds to bring the profile into the background. Benefit from the vast variety on fabric types and colours. As standard we offer the fabrics Lucia, L2 and Blazer Lite. Should you have any other requests, please contact us. 

The accessories of our screen system V28 can also be used on the screen system V56. We offer a single and double A4 storage and an A4 storage sidewise with pencil tray. Besides the standard colours according to the Veyhl colour scheme we do offer a whiteboard powder coating which allows writing with special markers. Furthermore all accessories can be used as a magnetic board.