The functional partittion system

Structure your own space

V-Series is the innovative solution to create your individual workspace in open space environments. The partition system is characterized by numerous functionalities. V-Series is available in three thicknesses (V30, V40, V60) and offers an accurate solution for each requirement. Different acoustically effective interiors in combination with fabric screens, double glazing, polycarbonate, laminates and veneers in numerous horizontal and vertical modular dimensions guarantee an individual and creative space planning. For each partition system, functional accessories and connection possibilities are available. In addition V30 and V40 are available as screen, desk board or organizer.  

Programme update V60 space system

Even the best products offer potential for improvement. This is why we decided to revise the acoustic paddings of our well known V60 space system. The actual Medium Acoustic and High Acoustic variants wil be replaced by a single Acoustic version. The Acoustic version prove a classificaion A as a planar absorber. Aesthetically, there will be no difference to the previous products. We are convinced that these improvements will enable you to reboots the sales of the V60 range.

With its thickness of 30 mm, V30 is a visually attractive and acoustical room divider solution. The pure and contemporary design generates an appealing and timeless working atmosphere in open living and office areas. 

With the product variants screen, organizer and board, V40 creates an acoustically effective visual protection of the workplace. Its low weight and quick assembly guarantees a perfect adaptation to the constant change of the daily office life.

With its thickness of 60 mm, V60 allows - other than V30 and V40 - a comprehensive wire management and opens a wide spectrum of paneling. The acoustical features of the V60 system correspond to class B and therefore support concentrated work as well as recovery. Each V60 screen is provided with plinth, vertical and top cover profiles which serve at the same time as cable channel. The integration of a cable duct directly at desk height allows a direct access to power supply, LAN and telephone extensions.