Shapely sound absorber

quattro column and quattro cube provide new acoustical space planning possibilities

The main use of the acoustically effective quattro column can be found in sound-reflecting corner areas. Based on high tech acoustic fibre panels quattro provides a reduction of the mirror sound and of the reverberation time in open spaces. The applied fibre-reinforced composite materials are eco-friendly, homogenous and recyclable. This acoustical solution is available as quattro column or as quattro cube. The combination of several elements increases the acoustical effect (sound protection and sound absorption) of the quattro products by placing them in function of the specific space situation. The sober and timeless design of the acoustical absorbers is available in a selected colour range and offers a unique completion to open living and working areas. Furthermore the surfaces are pinnable.

quattro column

With a side length of 400 mm and a height of 2000 mm, quattro column is an attractive acoustical and visual solution for open office and living spaces. With a weight of only 15 kg, the acoustic absorbers can be flexibly positioned in the space.

quattro cube

quattro cube convinces as an acoustical effective and solid seating element and offers new options for creating informal working areas. The quattro cubes can be stacked to columns and flexibly varied according to the requirements.