Frameless privacy

An efficient screen with manifold configuration possibilities

Mira is an acoustically efficient screen with manifold configuration possibilities.

mira is an acoustically efficient screen with manifold configuration possibilities enabling to create and organise office environments with room for individual workplace requirements. With its frameless construction, mira offers an elegant and contemporary working environment with outstanding price/performance ratio. The mira screen range is available in two versions. mira is double layered, with a central groove. mira accent is triple layered with a central accent strip. Used as a planar absorber mira obtains a class A score (aw 0,95). Used as a screen mira obtains good test results with a class C score (aw 0,60).

Easy assembly!

A simple plug connects the mira board to the table clamps which, in turn, are clamped on the desk top (by means of a threated support plate).

mira organizer as a higher version of the board, organizer is ideally suited for the invisible storage of components underneath and above the desk top.

mira screen duo is conceived as a visual screen between back to back workstations or bench configurations. Easy assembly with 2 plug connectors which are bolted to the cross rails..

mira panel is a free-standing screen variant for bench applications and all table forms. It can be easily repositioned by the user.

The decorative and acoustically efficient baffle elements offer versatile and personalised applications. They animate the space and can be easily adapted to existing environments and ceiling types. Baffle converts halls, corridors, open space offices, conference rooms or restaurants into an oasis of well-being with optimum acoustics.

When we designed mira, a quick and easy linking device was on top of the schedule of requirements. A screwless plug connection enables to link mira elements in a few seconds. This angle-independent plug connection is a guarantee for creative arrangements with limitless variability. Create your own environment in a jiffy.

Whether documents or writing utensils, mira accessories offer the right solutionfor every requirement - also a tablet can be easily stored..

Whiteboard-compatible accessories

The application of a whiteboard-compatible coating on the mira accessories enables the office worker to write on them. Furthermore, they can be used as a magnet board.