High absorption for ceiling and walls

canvas can be flexibly applied, guaranteeing high absorption values

Based on a highly innovative acoustic fibre paneling material, canvas generates exquisite room acoustics with high absorption values. The acoustic panels can be applied on ceiling, wall and as back panel (e.g. for cabinets). canvas reduces noise reflection surfaces and provides acoustical well-being in open home and working environments. A contemporary though timeless design, different height adjustable fixing possibilities as well as a selected colour scheme enable customized configurations.

Easy to apply and high acoustic values

The 1600 x 800 mm acoustic panels can be applied in a flexible and intuitive way. The integrated connecting clips facilitate an easy fixation and interlinking of the acoustic fibre paneling elements to larger acoustic units. At the same time, canvas provides space efficient absorption as existing hard surfaces are protected and no additional floor space is required. A circumferential upturn of the 8 mm thick acoustic fibre panels masks the fixing points and guarantees a high degree of stability. A selective adjustment of the complex acoustic fibre paneling material parameters result in filigree absorbers on ceiling and walls which despite their elegance generate excellent acoustics. The applied fibre reinforced materials of the acoustic fibre paneling are eco-friendly, unmixed and recyclable.