Veyhl motor control system

Motor control system on a new level

high-performance and highly efficient motor control system

The combination of the high-performance and highly efficient Veyhl control system with smart features offers an optimum of functionality and flexibility.

Veyhl motor control system

The Veyhl motor control system can be applied in all Veyhl standard products. Its most important advantages are: 

>> 0,1 watt in standby
>> Global control system format – 110 – 220 volt
>> Cascadable up to 3 control units
>> Secured plug connectors
>> Object protection control (OPC)
>> PVC free and antibacterial surface (coming soon)
>> Operation through Bluetooth connection (coming soon)
>> Troubleshooting through Bluetooth connection (coming soon)
>> Optionally battery operation with energy self-sufficient technology (coming soon)