Hand controls

Veyhl hand controls

Compatible with all height adjustable desking system

Digital communication between user and desk

The new Veyhl app combines digitisation with ergonomics. The app allows the office worker to adjust his workstation without the necessity of a control panel. All he needs is his smart phone. The combination of newly developed technology and the application of the Veyhl PUK enables the automatic connexion of the smartphone with the desk, without pairing! The inductive interface simultaneously guarantees wireless charging of the smartphone. A digital user profile with individual sitting and standing height can be saved in the app and limitlessly be transferred to any other smart desk with Veyhl control box.

The Veyhl control panel series convinces through its minimalist and timeless design and its clever details. The control panel range is available in three versions -  a basic variant with up/down buttons, a medium panel with up/down buttons and display as well as a comfort version with 4 memory buttons and display – and two colours - black and white.  The panel surface will soon be PVC free and antibacterial. Easy assembly to the desk top by means of 2 screws  and plug and play wiring assure quick installation. A wire length of 1800 mm guarantees optimum flexibility. The control panel operation is intuitive and prevents from unintentional use of the height adjustment system. Optionally, the design of the surface can be customized. The height adjustment can be indicated in inches or cm.

The new hand release is compatible with all gas spring operated height adjustable systems. Besides the integration in the centre pedestal table bases, the BT-17 hand release can also be applied to all gas spring operated table frames with one or two Bowden wires. The hand release has a high end surface feel and allows to release the gas spring intuitively and in a regulated way. The design of the hand release with “protection housing technology” prevents from unintentional release of the system.