Partners share aims and values

Long-term and binding cooperations are the basis of our company success

Our market success and product quality are closely connected to the performance of our partners. In the context of an increasing competition in national and international markets, quality, flexibility, liability and willingness to continuous improvement become more and more critical success factors.  We meet this challenge with our partners. Short lead times and a high flexibility count therefore to the required characteristics of our suppliers. Our aim is to optimally meet the requirements of our customers.

Responsibility for people and environment

We do not only feel notably close to our customers but also to our employees, business partners and environment. Within our company and purchasing policy we are looking for cooperations with suppliers who share the same quality standards and values. The relationship to our partners is based on a target-oriented, binding and long-term cooperation. A well-established quality system, ecology-minded operation, the consequent pursuing of the Lean & Kaizen philosophy, innovation pleasure and an on time and flexible requirement compliance are preconditions for this.