Education and economy go common ways

Veyhl becomes partner of the comprehensive school in Neubulach

Neubulach / Zwerenberg June 2018. What will I do after school? Searching the answer to this question keeps students worrying already at a young age. To help with practical vocational counselling at an early stage the comprehensive school in Neubulach is now cooperating with the apprenticeship company Veyhl. It is the goal to allow young students a glimpse behind the scenes and to actively support them in finding their career path.

Preparing young people for life after school and for their career is very important at the comprehensive school in Neubulach. Already in the 5th class several business projects are starting. Also at Veyhl it is of strategical importance to train and develop young potentials with lots of goodwill and enthusiasm. Now both of them go hand in hand and want to learn from each other. During a visit in Zwerenberg school director Dr. Dominik Bernhart and Veyhl director Gerhard Wahl signed the contract of the partnership and thereby officially started the cooperation. The District Administrator of Calw, Helmut Riegger, spontaneously joined the event and complimented the two partners on their new cooperation.

Veyhl is a partner that provides various insights in economy and industry as well as technical knowledge. Already more than 50 years the medium sized company trains and develops young people in seven different apprenticeship jobs and two study programs. Recently more than 40 students graduate at Veyhl, which was certified for its apprenticeship program in 2016. The partnership with the comprehensive school in Neubulach contains different offers for the students: company tours, internships, application trainings and teaching sessions are some examples.

We are looking forward!