On the track of novelties

1951 the first innovations in the Black Forest arise. Nowadays Veyhl products are used worldwide

In 1951, Hugo and Gertrud Veyhl started up production with two employees in a former military shed in Zwerenberg in the Black Forest. From the very beginning the aim of the founder couple was to develop novelties. The product portfolio at that stage ranged from trailer chassis, bottle carriers and bed frames to exhaust silencers or sewing baskets. The inventive talent and the innovation spirit of the founding years today still affect the daily work at Veyhl.

Strategic growth under the direction of Wolf Veyhl

After the death of founder Hugo Veyhl In 1963 his son Wolf takes over the management of the company and significantly gave distinction to the further development of the company. Under his impulse, the new era of office and home furniture industry begins and the business relationships successively become more international. Veyhl is growing in a disproportionate way, based on the creation of an integrated innovation center in 1980, in which Veyhl establishes its own development competence. The utilization of the gas spring technology in height adjustable desking in 1990 is the start of a product diversification in ergonomic sit/stand workplace design that lasts until today.

Historical milestones

  • 1951:  Foundation by Hugo and Gertrud Veyhl
  • 1960:  First orders from the office and home furniture industry
  • 1977:  Development of the first partitioning and acoustical products
  • 1980:  Creation of an internal innovation and development center
  • 2000:  Death of Wolf Veyhl
  • 2004:  Acquisition by the Nordwestindustrie Holding
  • 2005:  Gerhard Wahl becomes General Manager of the Veyhl GmbH
  • 2007:  Organization of a new process team besides the office and home furniture industry