Welcome to the acoustical garden

Based on a new material high tech (acoustic fibre panels) pared opens unique possibilities to create acoustical spaces

People instinctively want to curl up in the lap of nature as soon as they long for silence and recovery and rejuvenation of their mind and soul. Though nature is not free of sound, a recovery is possible. pared adapts this calming surrounding principle and creates, as a partition system, the effect of an acoustical garden in closed spaces with a high-level workplace convenience.

New technology with a big effect

From a technical point of view pared is based on high tech acoustic fibre panels which combine the complex characteristics of open cell porous absorbers and panel absorbers. The low surface weight, the filigree structure and the possibility to cover sound absorbing and sound reducing requirements within a considerable frequency spectrum count to the outstanding attributes of this new development.

Free to configurate each shape

On placing the first pared you will already feel the acoustical effect in the surrounding space. The acoustical panels can be multifariously combined and connected. No matter if used as a screen or as a space divider: pared can be arranged intuitively and in a flexible way. The single elements are matched in size and geometry to always achieve an effective screening. Just follow your intuition and experience the effect of the acoustical impact.

Beelitz 2103 Fa. Wax/Veyhl