Create your oasis of silence

circle creates the possibility to retreat at a small space and allows functional and concentrated work

In a smart working environment circle is a unique solution for hot desking requirements. Following the trend of a mobile and flexible workplace design the new development combines mobility, ergonomics, acoustics and connectivity.

Create your individual refuge

The basic structure of the mobile workplace which is based on a circular segment provides an efficient use of space – adequately large and at the same time space saving. Both wings can be varied in position to provide an individual protection and an adapted acoustic shield. Based on a new high tech material of acoustic fibre panelling, the curved screens surrounding the workstation act as an excellent sound absorber and provide convenient room acoustics. In an open space environment, circle provides the possibility of an individual refuge for more privacy and concentration.

Small workplace with great function

circle incorporates many functionalities: a task light, an integrated seat with storage compartment, coat hooks, LAN connection and USB charging stations, Bluetooth loud speakers and a height adjustable work surface are some of the features of this mobile workplace. circle can be moved to any favoured place in the office and folded together after use, occupying only 0,5 sqm of space.